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Find golfers near you.

Connect, schedule a round or join a random group at a course near you!

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Golf is a social game.

Fourball was created when our founder could not find a playing partner while vacationing in Spain.  Go out and find that playing partner you deserve.  Make new friends, network, create some memories.  A great round needs witnesses!

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How it works

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Swipe right or left.

Fourball is the App you have always wanted but never knew existed up till now. Our innovative solution can tackle all your daily needs no matter where you are. Our friendly platform guarantees all users enjoy a variety of options once they’ve downloaded the App. Don’t wait another minute — check out what else Fourball has to offer!

Download on Google Playstore
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fourball?

Fourball, a Tinder-like app lets you meet golfers in your neighborhood. Whether you live in the same area or are on a vacation, Fourball allows you to Meet new golfers, grow your network so you play with better players.

What makes Fourball the best?

Fourball is easy to use, and allows you not just to meet people but setup rounds with them.  It allows users to join your flight/group by sending you a join request.  You will love it!

How do I sign up?

Download the app from either the Google Playstore or the App Store and sign up, it's completely free to use!

How much does Fourball cost?

Fourball is completely free to use.

It all sounds great, but what does this App actually do?

Fourball shows you people within a certain number of miles/km of where you are, you can swipe right to people you want to chat or meet and play golf together. Moreover, you can also share images and videos.

How does Fourball make money?

We haven't quite figures that out yet.  For now it is free to use and ad-free.  Eventually we want to bring on sponsors and maybe provide tee-time bookings through our app.

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Thanks for contacting us, we aim get back to you within 2 working days!

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